Passion Meets Tech


Connect Seamlessly with Privacy and Affordability

Video Conferencing

Host secure, high-definition video conferences with our cost-effective, open-source solution. Enjoy features like:

  • Privacy-aware technology
  • Crystal-clear HD quality
  • On-premise or cloud deployment

Stream Live with Ultra-Low Latency

Live Streaming

Deliver captivating live streams to a global audience with our ultra-low latency platform. Features include:

  • Sub-3 second end-to-end delay
  • Load balancing for smooth streaming
  • Simultaneous streaming to multiple platforms

Simplify Your Workflow with Essential Tools

Office Productivity

Boost team collaboration and productivity with our integrated suite of office productivity tools, including:

  • Secure and reliable email communication
  • Cloud-based storage and file sharing
  • Shared calendars and scheduling tools

Emerging Technologies

Shaping the Future with Cutting-Edge Solutions

AI4India – World’s First Telugu LLM: Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including our groundbreaking Telugu Large Language Model, for tasks like natural language processing and automation

Empower small-scale farmers with our innovative Agri-Bots for autonomous tasks like selecting, plucking, sorting, and grading crops.